What Should Be in a Social Media Proposal

You need someone who can run social media for you, or your clients. Maybe your business needs help, or you’re an agency looking to use freelancers to help with some projects. No matter what your situation is, you should know what to look for from the people you are asking help from. Social media services can differ from business to business, freelancer to freelancer. Some offer social media management while not offering anything more. Some offer only social media marketing for events. Some even offer only to schedule content for your accounts, while doing nothing else. Personally, I offer a gambit of these services as I not only offer social media advertising, social media marketing for events, and social media management, but I also offer social media consulting and project work.

So with all of this in mind, what do you need? First, let’s cover the differences in the services, and then we’ll touch on what should be in a social media proposal, once you request it.

Social Media Management Services

What do you think of when I say “Social Media Management services” (sometimes abbreviated to SMM services)? Do you think of someone taking over the accounts and managing them day in and day out without asking you for help? Do you envision someone simply posting content you’ve already approved of, and reporting to you on a daily or weekly basis how those platforms are doing? In my line of work, I treat it as this; I do all of it and report to you at the end of the month. Of course, we talk about the game plan beforehand, but ultimately, being the professional, it’s my job to handle the in’s and out’s of the platform, creating a successful strategy and overall campaign for the platforms involved and then report to you what worked or what didn’t, and how we should adjust, if we need to. This is my brand’s social media management services in a nutshell.

However, since there is no hard and fast definition of what social media management services are, you should probably ask for each agency or freelancer to tell you what they mean when they say it (or find it on their website).

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Social Media Content Management

This service is a little more straight-forward for most. With social media content management, we simply post the content to the various platforms. We may create that content, or your business might provide it and we create the posts for it. Content management is typically what people think they need, when in reality, they need the full social media management services, above.

Social Media Marketing for Events

This service isn’t offered by everyone. Social media agencies may help you market your event, but many social media marketers and freelancers simply don’t have the manpower or know-how in order to market your event before, during, and after it happens. Social media marketing for events should include (at least it does for me) complete social media management services, with in the field or onsite promotion, as well as working closely with photographers or videographers for content, and reporting after the event is finished.

I will go a step further by also providing lessons learned during the whole event and recommendations for the next event, so things are more effective or mistakes are learned from rather than repeated.

Social Media Advertising

Not every social media marketing company will offer social media advertising, and some will only offer Facebook advertising. When asking for social media advertising, be sure you know what platforms are being offered and that the company or marketer is well aware of your target audience. It’s all fun and games until you learn that you were spending all your money reaching people that would never buy your product or service. It’s also important to know that the person you hire will not just create the ads, but follow up on the ads created and test more than just 1 ad at a time. The importance of A/B split testing for social media advertising┬ásimply cannot be overstated.

What Should Be in Your Social Media Proposal

Here is part of what a sample social media proposal from R3 Social Media looks like:

A sample social media marketing proposal A sample cover letter for a social media marketing proposal The about page for a sample social media marketing proposal A table of contents for a sample social media marketing proposal A page for Facebook and Twitter for a sample social media marketing proposal A page for SnapChat and Instagram, plus monthly strategy adjustments for a sample social media marketing proposal

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And now that you have an idea of what the different services mean or include, let’s breakdown the social media proposal:


Generally, you should be able to expect a breakdown of the services that will be rendered, and while you shouldn’t expect to get an entire step-by-step of the strategy the company or marketer intends to use, you should probably have a rough outline of what they plan to do, and what goals they will be aiming for.


It should be absolutely clear what the goals are for the project or month-to-month services to be rendered. Be sure that whatever goals are stated in the proposal match what it is you are trying to accomplish so there will be no questions later.

Ad Spend and Creation Budget

Ad spend is a completely different number than the creation/labor budget and you need to understand that different. The ad spend is the money will go directly to the platform. The creation/labor budget is the amount of money needed in order to create and manage the ads to ensure they succeed. If you have opted for this kind of service, be sure you understand the detailed amounts for these two separate items.


If you have a project, that is, you have a specific, one-time goal or amount of work to be done, you should also expect a timeline for services to be rendered. This is to show what work should get done at what phase of the project, so everyone knows how well things are going, as well as what to expect in the next phase. For month-to-month work, this isn’t always necessary.


Obviously, you need a proposed cost for all services included in the proposal. This can be done a number of ways, but I like to provide a monthly amount as well as an overall total for projects. I typically give an itemized breakdown of each platform’s services and the ad spend/labor budget separately, so everything can be checked out in one glance.

Everything you see in this document should be everything that you are expecting to happen during your journey with this agency or marketer, so be sure that whatever isn’t clear, is made clear to you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to be sure you understand what expectations are being set. The more clear and concise everyone is now, the less of an issue there will be if a question arises, later.

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