Twitter Tips and Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

Twitter Tips and TricksOkay. I admit it. I’m guilty. I’ve posted and shared a Twitter tip that doesn’t actually work anymore, and I’ll remove it from my repertoire. In fact, finding out that this Twitter tip doesn’t work is what lead me to create this post. I wanted to know what other Twitter tips and tricks I had been telling you about, if any, that weren’t actually true anymore.

In many of my tweets, I like to share some really helpful or not-so-well-known social media tips, and I even created a blog post sharing 50 Tweetable Tips for You and Your Business with many of them listed, including the offending tip I mentioned above. So when I find out my tips are no longer useful, I would like to help set the record straight, so you don’t attempt to use the Twitter tips and tricks, find out that they don’t work, and get discouraged!

So, what is this tip that doesn’t work? Which twitter trick should you stop wasting your time on? Well before I get to that, let me share some Twitter tips and tricks that DO work! It wouldn’t be much of a blog post if all I told you was what isn’t working anymore. I’m much nicer than that! 😉

Twitter Tips and Tricks That DO Work

  1. One of the best Twitter tips and tricks:TwitterTip: Make your tweets only 100-120 characters long to make retweets much easier. This is still a very valid tip. If you create a shorter tweet, your followers have room to add a comment or “RT @YourAccount” to the tweet without changing the message too much, if at all.
  2. TwitterTip: Tweets with images get 2 times as much engagement as those tweet without images. This is still true. You’ve heard it, visual, visual, visual! People are visual and social media is definitely following that trend, so if you have a particular tweet you want more engagement, than try to make a visually pleasing image to attach to it.
  3. TwitterTrick: Check out your followers’ followers. When someone new follows you, check out their followers to find some accounts that could lead to some great engagement for your own Twitter account.
  4. TwitterTrick: When someone new follows you, retweet one of their messages to begin a relationship and engage the account. If they respond, and hopefully they do, if you’re looking at engaging accounts, you can begin conversations.

So, now that I’ve given you some pretty good Twitter Tips and Tricks that DO work, how about those Twitter Tips and Tricks that DON’T work? Okay, you’ve twisted my arm. 😉

Twitter Tips and Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

  1. I give you the most famous of all Twitter tips and tricks: Add a period or really anything before someone’s Twitter handle so the tweet is public. If you don’t, the only people that can see it will be you and the person you are talking to, plus both your followers. However, this is no longer true and admittedly, I can’t tell you when it stopped being that way. UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention I was misunderstanding this tip the ENTIRE time I’ve heard it! Ha! It still works the same as always and I’ll break it down for everyone so we’re all clear!
    1. If you simply begin a tweet with @ThisAccount, the tweet will ONLY be seen by your followers and their followers in the Twitter feed. If you add the “.” or other symbol before the Twitter handle such as “.@ThisAccount”, than the tweet will be seen regardless of who follows you both. For example, I check a Twitter list with friends talking to other accounts, but if I also follow all of those accounts, I will see the tweets. But if they are talking to accounts I do not also follow, I will NOT see those tweets in my feed. Unless they add the “.” in front of the tweet, I will not see those tweets because I do not follow the other account. (Thanks David Duffy for explaining this in such a polite and clear way!)
  2. Here’s an interesting one to add to the Twitter Tips and Tricks that don’t work: If you want to hide your tweets from your followers, because, perhaps, you are participating in a Twitter chat, or are live tweeting, just begin your tweet with @HideTweet. I have NO idea where I first saw this, but it is definitely not true. I’m not even sure this ever worked, but supposedly, the account for @HideTweet was specifically made for this purpose. In fact, if you did use this advice, your tweets would look rather unattractive to retweet. No good.
  3. Use ClickToTweet in order to create a link with a custom tweet to embed in a blog post for free. Unfortunately, this was one of my favorite Twitter tips and tricks, but ClickToTweet is no longer a free service and you can only create five of these such links before you are required to pay a monthly fee to continue. UGH!

So maybe you learned something new here, and you enjoyed the Twitter tips and tricks that DO work, or maybe you’re like me and surprised by the Twitter tips and tricks that don’t work anymore. If you couldn’t tell, I was really surprised by that first one! Everything I have ever known about Twitter, this was definitely one of the most trustworthy Twitter tips I knew of! The third sort of sucked, but there are always workarounds, right? I hope you enjoyed learning about the Twitter tips and tricks that do still work, since those are always helpful to know. Do you know any Twitter tips and tricks that don’t work anymore? What are your favorite Twitter tips and tricks?

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