Twitter: Destroyer of Awesomeness?

If you have been using social media or are a social media manager of any kind, you have probably used or currently use a Twitter management tool to help you with all of your profiles and accounts (I know I do!).

And if so, you’ve probably been noticing that Twitter has been making it harder for apps and other software to actually use its API in order to manage its accounts. The death of Tweetdeck (the Yellow version) seems like just the beginning, now.

Twitter acquired Tweetdeck two years ago, and promptly made it bad. Everyone that was anyone using Tweetdeck immediately downgraded from the newest “blue version” to the “yellow version” or the pre-Twitter ownership version; myself included.

Earlier this year, Twitter announced on it’s blog that it would be killing the yellow version. Although, it still lives on, Twitter no longer provides support for it.

Recently, I was made aware that another beloved Twitter tool, TweetChat, was possibly  being damaged by more changes made by Twitter. It prompted many discussions on @TweetChat‘s account, such as this one, discussing possibilities to try and keep it alive.

Upon more research, it seems that TweetChat is still working, although it could very well stop if Twitter makes more changes to the API. As they have told others, the current changes have not killed their app, but “makes things harder and more complex for lean little apps”.

I can only imagine that other tools might be affected, making it more difficult for people like this community manager to do their jobs!

So why would Twitter make it harder for social media managers everywhere by changing their code and making it more difficult for these apps to do their jobs? Could it be they want people to use Perhaps they prefer you use only the “official” Twitter management tool, Tweetdeck (the blue version).

Whatever their reasons, we all know that the changes will only continue and we will always move forward. Maybe Twitter will eventually make the change that kills the service itself.

Do you think Twitter will begin pushing people to use TweetDeck? How soon before they begin charging for using it? Talk to me about it in your comments below!

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  1. I certainly hope twitter doesn’t force people into using tweetdeck. I feel like a complete technodope when it comes to tweetdeck. I use Hootsuite for my multiple accounts as well as on my phone because it gives me the best functionality in a way I can understand it. 🙂

    1. Post

      Tweetdeck was ruined when Twitter took it over and “updated” it, and I pretty much stopped using it after that (although I loved it!). I use Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and; plus I try out new tools all the time. 🙂 Thanks for reading and stopping by Lauri!

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