To Schedule a Tweet, or Not To Schedule a Tweet..

“Saying scheduled tweets are evil is like saying using a DVR is evil … “

This is a tweet I saw recently, and it made me think.

Scheduling a tweet is done by using a service, such as tweetdeck, that allows you to type a tweet, and then schedule it to be sent out for you, at a later date and/or time.

Personally, I have to disagree with the above tweep and their statement about saying scheduled tweets are evil, and comparing it to saying DVR is evil. It is NOT like DVR. DVR is meant to be used so that someone can watch content, or a television show, at a later time, when they want to watch it. It requires nothing from the DVR other than to play its content. Scheduling a tweet is more like sending out a flier, but not answering people when they ask you for more information, because you’re out of the office. Those people are going to require some more action on your part, other than just making sure they get the flier.

There is an argument that you can always interact with people *later*, when you come back to check on your account, and that is fine, but you have to think “Everything in moderation.” The reason people, me being one of them, say that scheduled tweets are “evil” is because there are a LOT of accounts that do nothing BUT scheduled tweets. There is never any interaction. Social media is called SOCIAL media for a reason. If you don’t interact with your followers, then you are not being social, and therefore the whole reason you created this twitter account is null and void.

If you do nothing but schedule tweets, eventually people are going to stop talking to and about you, because they realize you have nothing to say back. What if they want to know more about that new product you just released, but instead of answering your followers, you simply schedule more tweets, and never engage? Is that how YOU would want a company to treat you?

So if you want to schedule a tweet about, say, your company’s event a week from now, but you’re not going to be in the office to tweet about it, go ahead and schedule that tweet (or tweets), but make sure that when you come back, you acknowledge the people who have tried to interact with you while you were away! Make sure that you don’t use scheduling tweets as your ONLY way of using twitter.

And if you need some help managing your social media, and need someone who can answer those comments and questions while you’re away, contact me, and we can figure out a way to make sure your social media stays social!

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