The Number One Thing NOT To Do on Google Plus

Every platform has rules of etiquette. Sometimes they are unspoken, but you can learn them if you pay enough attention. I’m still not completely sold on Google Plus, and I’m not alone on that. I used to be in a love/hate relationship with G+, because we were always being told “It’s great for SEO!”, but it was just such a weird platform.

So now that I’ve told you my dirty little secret, let me also say that Google Plus has certainly grown since it was launched in 2011. Even though I’m still not completely in love with it, I will say that it is starting to grow on me, but there will always be those people that don’t do things right. So, please, let me help teach you one of the number one things that you should NOT do on G+! (Please?!)

What is the #1 Thing NOT To Do on Google Plus?

When you create a post on G+, at the bottom of the box, there is an option that is labeled “To:”. In that box, “Public” is automatically chosen for you, and this will show your post to, you guessed it, the Public.

However, if you add any of your circles, or you tag a person’s name, they will get a notification, possibly even an email, if they have it setup that way.

Now this is perfectly great if you really want to bring something awesome to the attention of your circles or to a few select people, but the number 1 thing not to do on Google Plus, is to notify everyone you know, every single time you post! (<-Click to tweet this!) This is akin to shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” every single time you post on G+.

No one likes that. I promise. In fact, I wrote this post because I just had to “mute” someone who was continually notifying me every time he posted something, regardless of what it was. It’s annoying!

Social media, no matter what platform you’re on, is pretty much against the me-me-me, self-promoting-without-engaging type of posts, so please don’t lose potential clients or anger friends by doing this! And if you want to find me on G+, circle me here (or here)!

What other social media rules do you wish people wouldn’t break?

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