The Difference Between Personal and Business

There is a difference between personal and business social media accounts.

I’ve been using Facebook since I was in high school. When I got to start using it as a tool for work, I noticed that there was a line between personal and business use, but that not everyone understood that line.

When you use Facebook as you, and not as your business, you want to be able to connect with your friends and family and talk about that great fourth of July party you were just at. When you change that persona to that of your company, you really need to think about if you want your clientele hearing all about how your Aunt is having a hip replaced. Is that something you really want to share with people you will be doing business with?

My answer is no. You really don’t. And besides, your customers don’t want to hear about Aunt Edna being in the hospital, they want to know how they can get in touch with you next friday about their deadline. These people are here for BUSINESS. They need to get things done.

I’ve noticed some people that try to keep a business profile, but invite their friends to talk about things that are not business related, then wonder why no one will “like” their page. These people don’t “get” social media.

When I work on Facebook, I keep the topics generally work-related and a little fun, like a really good quote or “this day in history”, to keep people interested in coming back. Of course, there are always some fun things that happen at work, too, like pot lucks and giveaways, but those things directly relate to the friendly faces of the business and people like to see faces. I keep my personal Facebook page strictly for my personal use. I don’t become friends with anyone whom I am really not friends with.

Bottom line; don’t make the social media faux pas of bringing really personal issues to your business profiles. 🙂

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