There has been a Facebook trend recently, of people posting status updates of what they are thankful for, each day of the month of November. I think that’s great.

Sometimes, people don’t think about being grateful or thankful for much because time and stress seem to bog them down.

I know I’ve been at fault of this. We probably all have been guilty of this at some point in time. The fact is, though, when you thank someone for something, no matter how small, and you really mean it, you can brighten a person’s day. Maybe they are the ones that are being bogged down by stress and worry that day, and you will be the person to turn their day around.

Here are some easy ideas to start doing to help yourself and others have a brighter day, especially around the holiday season, when everyone is thinking about others:

  1. HANDWRITE a thank you card. Send/Give it to someone you don’t get to talk to often. You’d be amazed at how this little surprise can make someone smile.
  2. Buy a bag of candies and pass them out at work/the office; just because.
  3. Write a (post-it) note that says “Thank you for all you do! :)” and post it somewhere public. Don’t sign it.
  4. If you are going to post a thankful status update, on facebook, for every day in November, tag people in your posts, to give them that little perk up.

Smiling is contagious.

These are fun things that you can do, anytime that will most likely brighten someone’s day and bring smiles all around. Just think how you would feel if someone brought you a little card and a piece of candy telling you how much you’ve helped them or how appreciated you are at your company. It’s amazing how far those little things can go with people.



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