Social Media Tips and Tricks: R3 Social Media’s Top 10 Blog Posts

I share a lot of social media tips and tricks on this blog and as I was looking over my blog stats, I saw that I had certain articles that constantly get traffic. With that in mind, I wanted to share those with you all in one place, in case you’ve never seen them, or might be interested. 😉

1. How to Create a Hashtag

How To Create a Hashtag

In this post, I’m going to explain what “stealing a hashtag” is and why you really should do your homework before using a hashtag for your own purposes. <-Click to Tweet! [Read More]

2. What happens when you “Like” a Facebook Page

What Happens When You "Like" a Facebook Page
I get a lot of questions about social media and sometimes, they’re pretty interesting. Like this one, “If I like a page on Facebook, will they see my posts?” or “Can that page see my newsfeed?” [Read More]

3. How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Social Media Audit Explained

Social Media Audit - image by Al Muya

When you don’t have a solid strategy, it’s nearly impossible to actually gain any traction on any of the social networks, let alone do well on them. So what’s a business owner to do? [Read More]

4. 7 Easy Steps: How to Delete a Scheduled Facebook Post

Delete a Scheduled Post on Facebook

You hit the “schedule” button after typing your post and including the link and proper hashtags, and you see it. Oh, no! You used the wrong link! Or you’ve misspelled the event name (Or the guest’s name, or you’ve missed a comma or a word, etc.)! What can you do? [Read More]

5. Facebook Pages “Liking” Strategy

Facebook Pages Liking Strategy

There have been quite a few times when I have had to hide posts in my newsfeed because they are frankly items I don’t care about. They aren’t interesting to me, which led me to think “If I hate these types of posts, what am I doing to MY fans?” [Read More]

6. Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Sharing Social Media tips and tricks is my main goal for this blog, and so here are 50 tweetable social media tips for you to use and share! Just click the “Click to Tweet” text on the end of the tip you like, and voila! Have fun tweeting! [Read More]

7. 3 Twitter Secrets

3 Twitter Secrets

If you’re still learning Twitter, or even if you’re a seasoned user, these are great tips for anyone! [Read More]

8. Scheduling on Facebook: Changing a Scheduled Post

Scheduling on Facebook: Changing a Scheduled Post

Facebook has given us the ability to schedule posts, which can really help if you need something posted at certain times, and won’t be available. But what if you schedule something and there is a mistake, or the time or date needs to change? [Read More]

9. Using Hashtags on Facebook

using hashtags on facebook

It seems no one likes hashtags on Facebook. I mean no one. And if you’ve read anything recently, than you know recent studies have shown that using hashtags on Facebook may actually prevent your post from getting anywhere. But as with all changes, there are growing pains, and I truly believe that given enough time and enough brands and people embracing hashtags on Facebook, that they could be pretty great. [Read More]

10. Social Media Strategy: 3 Keys to Success

social media strategy: 3 keys to success

Everyone wants to know how to build a social media strategy. I get asked quite often about how to create a strategy and what you need to include in one. The truth of it is this: there is no one set way to do it. Of course, I have my way of doing it for my clients, but the next marketer might use a completely different system. They both might work, but they take different paths to get to similar destinations. [Read More]

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