Social Media Strategy: 3 Keys To Success

Three keys hanging up representing the keys to success when creating a social media strategy

Three keys hanging up representing the keys to success when creating a social media strategyEveryone wants to know how to build a social media strategy. I get asked quite often about how to create a strategy and what you need to include in one. The truth of it is this: there is no one set way to do it. Of course, I have my way of doing it for my clients, but the next marketer might use a completely different system. They both might work, but they take different paths to get to similar destinations.

So let’s talk about what they actually are. A social media strategy is a well laid out plan for your business to take advantage of the social media platforms. As with any strategy, it starts with a goal. With that goal in mind, you begin to create ideas of how you will arrive at that goal, using current successful tactics as well as what you see your competition doing that works. (Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, right?). How many times have you told yourself you really, really wanted that new computer, TV, Car, etc. and started saving for it just to end up buying something completely different that you saw in the store and absolutely had to have? That is sort of what can happen if you set your goal and your plan to accomplish that goal, then begin to slack off, or give up. You lose sight of the goal and then you wonder why you don’t have that new [insert item here].

And you don’t need to start out with some complicated mess of a strategy in order to be successful. The biggest lesson you need to learn with social media is that it really doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. A lot of times, people want it to be hard; they cannot imagine “slow and easy wins the race”. But if you start off simple and keep it simple (remember, KISS), you’ll be able to earn more website traffic, build relationships, and gain leads.

Why Should I Have a Social Media Strategy?

“It’s just posting on Facebook and Twitter, right? I do that all day from my phone.” Well, that might be true, but you certainly aren’t posting anything that might be interesting to your potential business leads. But if you are, use it to your advantage on the accounts with your business name all over it! A social media strategy is important because it gives direction and keeps you focused while providing you with pertinent information about what is working and what isn’t working all that well. It allows you to adjust as you go along so that you can keep succeeding.

Let’s use the tortoise and the hare analogy again. The hare thought that by going super fast and getting way ahead he would win because the tortoise could never catch up. He took a nap and woke up to the tortoise having passed him, but knew he could easily pass him again, so he didn’t worry. If the hare had used a strategy, he would have been able to see that his nap gave the tortoise time to catch up, and if he had simply finished the race without anymore stops or interruptions, the story might have ended a little differently. But the hare wasn’t using a strategy and so with all of his arrogance, he lost. You don’t have to lose at social media!

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3 Keys to a Successful Social Media Strategy

  1. First things first. You need to figure out your goal. If you’re just beginning or wanting to start from scratch, maybe, then begin with something small and simple. Let’s say you aim for a few more Facebook “likes”; come up with a number that you would like to see on your Facebook Page by the end of the month. Or maybe you want more repins on Pinterest, so you decide your goal is to update and complete your profile and all of your boards. Maybe these aren’t the most aggressive goals, but they don’t have to be.
  2. Keep track of what you’re doing. After the month is up, check out where you were and where you’ve ended up. Are you any closer to that goal? Did you meet the goal? A lot of times business owners know where they want to be, but they forget that in order to get there, you need to pay attention to what hasn’t been working so that they can avoid that. With a social media strategy, you’ll be checking on this each month so you can adjust how you are attempting to reach that goal.
  3. Compare what you’re doing to what your competitors are doing. Even with the best social media strategy, you should always know what your competitors are doing and how effective or ineffective that might be for them so you can possibly mimic or avoid it. Since you are both working toward reaching the same target audience, you can look at your competitors’ ideas for inspiration!

A social media strategy does not have to be deep or difficult to understand. It can be as simple as “I want to gain 5 more likes on my page this month and I’m going to do this by offering a coupon to them if they like my page and I’m going to tell my in-store customers about this after each purpose.” This isn’t a bad plan! Your aggressiveness will ultimately affect how fast you reach that goal, or how big that goal is. It’s up to you! They say getting started is the hardest part, so get the hard part over with! I encourage you to start taking your social media seriously and write a strategy today!

If this is still much too complicated or in-depth for you, R3 Social Media can always take care of your social media strategy and accounts for you! If you’re interested, check out my services page!

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