Social Media News Roundup: November 6, 2017

This week's social media news roundup from R3 Social Media

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Social Media News Roundup here on R3 Social Media, where we discuss any newsworthy additions to the social media or social media marketing space. In the last edition, we talked about Twitter explains activity that gets you banned, how americans are getting their news, and how Facebook has released a new polling feature. Let’s check out what’s new this week!

Twitter Rolled Out a 280 Character Limit

In this blog post, Twitter explained the test that it had rolled out to users to allow a larger tweeting capacity and how those users used the expanded space. Their results showed that before the test, about 9% of their users would hit the 140 character limit allowed on the platform. After the test, those users with the expanded character count, the number dropped to 1% of Tweets that hit the limit.

While some are still not sure how to feel, there are some people that really like the new Twitter because it allows them to form more complete thoughts, or share with deeper meaning. Twitter also showed that this change caused people to stay on the platform longer, and tweet more, so perhaps that is the true reason for the change, since the platform has been seeing dwindling numbers for the last few years, disappointing investors again and again.

Is Twitter dying? We’ll just have to see.

Pinterest Opened ‘The Workshop’

Apparently, for those that are in or want to visit San Francisco, you can now choose to bring your Pins to life at the Pinterest Headquarters’ “The Workshop”. The Workshop is what they are calling a “creative studio for bringing Pinterest ideas to life” complete with professional art supplies, equipment, a kitchen, meeting spaces, and even a shower area. It sounds like every pinning bloggers dream, and to help with the grand opening, Pinterest invited what they call “Pinsiders” the “pinning influencers” to the space to show it off and open it up.

Who wouldn’t want to come to a space with professional lighting and equipment, ripe for making the perfect blog or vlog post?

The Fake WhatsApp in the Google Play Store

Unfortunately, it appears that there was a fake WhatsApp app in the Google Play store where about a million people downloaded it. Called Update WhatsApp Messenger, the app was designed to get people to click on ads and apparently download other malicious software onto their phones, which would obviously cause more problems for the users that downloaded the illegitimate application.

It has now been removed from the Play store and Google is researching how it was placed there. Just goes to show that when you download a product, you need to play close and careful attention to what it can be or do. This app could have easily been something worse!


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