Social Media News Roundup: November 27, 2017

This week's social media news roundup from R3 Social Media

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Social Media News Roundup on R3 Social Media, where we cover newsworthy additions to social media or to the social media marketing space. In the last edition of the social media news roundup, we covered the 280 character rollout on Twitter, the fake WhatsApp and lastly, Pinterest’s Workshop. We took a bit of a break for the holidays so we have a lot to cover! Let’s find what’s new!

Social Media News from November

Did We Fall for Russian Propaganda?

Facebook is saying they are releasing a tool to help people figure out if you “liked” or engaged with any pages that were linked to the Russian propaganda efforts during the previous election. This new tool should be released by the end of this year, and will cover activity on both Instagram and Facebook.

Pages of all sorts were created, as well as “people”, in an effort to sway the American public during the Presidential election in 2016. These pages also created ads to further influence and divide the country, to cause as much harm as possible. They came in the guise of all sorts of topics, such as gay rights, Black Lives Matter, and gun rights. This new tool should help us all figure out if we liked or interacted with any of these fake pages or ads, which may have influenced our votes.

This tool may also help us take a better look at the information we read, and how much we research it before we simply hit the “share” button next time.

Twitter Will Kick You Out

Twitter is telling people that they will kick them off their platform, or take away their verified status (the little blue check mark) for behavior that happens on — and off — the social media network.

Specifically, they are referring to hate groups and violent organizations such as neo-nazi parties, and the like, that live to incite bad behavior or hate speech amongst themselves as well as the general public. A message that they won’t be able to use the Twitter platform as their ..well, platform.

Twitter states, in their new policy updates:

“You also may not affiliate with organisations that – whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform – use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes.”

Obviously, this will most likely have a lot to do with people that are in the public eye more than the average Joe, since Twitter has always been historically slow to react to reports, but it’s a step in the right direction, and I hope they continue on this path.

LinkedIn Offers Mentoring Program

If you have felt the need to really figure out your career path in life, and need some help, LinkedIn has opened up a new program called Career Advice that is geared toward connecting people with mentors who can help them figure out with their career. They can help with anything from how to find a new job, move into a new career field, or even feedback on why they aren’t feeling satisfied with their current job.

LinkedIn has rolled out this new program in the United States, the UK and India, and in order to use it, you’ll go through a list of questions to figure out what you are looking for from the program, then it will help you find people to help you with your goal, or with finding people from your area, or maybe your college, whatever if it is you are looking for.

Interested? Click here to get started.

SnapChat is Trying Really Hard

Also this month in your social media news roundup, we learned that SnapChat is not doing a great job at being a monetary earning social media network, and it wants to change that. The parent company, Snap, has unfortunately had a bad year, reporting losses from this year’s third quarter, but they are working to fix that, by allowing advertisers to target people rather than just places, with their new audience filters. Geofilters were popular, but lacking, and by allowing audience targeting, the company is making advertising on their platform much more attractive — and effective.

On top of this? Snap is also trying to attract more creators to add new content to the platform. One thing people wanted and the platform was lacking was new content and the ability to discover that content.

The CEO Evan Spiegel said: “In 2018, we are going to build more distribution and monetization opportunities for these creators in an effort to empower our creative community to express themselves to a larger audience and build a business with their creativity.”

We don’t have the details on how he plans to do that yet, but cheers to trying!


That’s all we have for your social media news roundup right now! I hope you’ll stay tuned for future editions of this roundup, as we keep learning what the social media giants are doing, and I help make it all streamlined in these articles.

Interested in reading past social media news roundups? Find the list here, and stay up to date!

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