Social Media News Roundup: Week of October 30, 2017

This week's social media news roundup from R3 Social Media

Welcome to the third edition of the Social Media News Roundup here on R3 Social Media, where we discuss any newsworthy additions to the social media space. In our last edition we talked about Facebook testing a new newsfeed, social media giants talking to congress, and social media’s involvement in crime, among other things. Let’s dive into what’s going on this week.

Twitter Explains What Will Get You Banned

Twitter is being more transparent in how it handles abusive accounts on its platform. Twitter has never really been great at dealing with those that spew abuse on it’s network, so I’m not sure this move is really more than just a PR stunt. However, they did update their “The Twitter Rules” and add some more details in a recent blog post from the Twitter Safety Team.

Some of these updates include defining what self harm, adult content, and spam are, and how they are handled. The safety team also intends to release more in-depth information on each of these issues later in November.

Americans Are Getting Their News From Social Media

This graph shows us which users use which social media sites for newsAccording to a recent report straight from Pew Research, more Americans are getting their news from multiple social media websites. Roughly 26% of people in the United States are getting their news from two or more social media sites, which is an increase from 18% in 2016.

Of course, Facebook claims the largest share of these news consumers, but what is interesting is about 45% of those users are more likely to use only that site for their news. In particular, users of LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, and WhatsApp are more likely to get their news from multiple sites.

Additionally, U.S. adults who get their news from multiple social media sites are more likely to be younger and nonwhite. 47% of the news consumers who rely on two or more social media sites are nonwhite (including Hispanics), compared with 26% of those who would use just one site. They are also more likely to be under age of 50. 77% are 18-49, with 56% of those who use just one site for news. They are also twice as likely to be ages 18-29.

Facebook Releases New Polls Feature.. Like Twitter

Facebook is adding polls to allow it's users to ask questions, which is part of this weeks' social media news roundupIf you’re looking to boost your engagement or gain some feedback from your audience, these new polls may be an answer to help you. Besides adding the polling feature, your polls can also include a GIF or photo to garner more attention or make people laugh.

You can create your own poll by starting to create a status. Click on the “What’s on your mind, NAME?” and in the menu below, you can scroll down to the “Poll” button.

This will open up your polling options, and then you can also choose to limit the timeframe in which the poll is open. You can choose 1 day, 1 week, Never, and a custom amount of time.

Once you add your question and your options, you’re able to add a GIF to each answer or a photo, or just the text (but that’s boring, right?)

Polls are also available on Pages, too.

Want to answer my poll? Click here and choose your answer!

So overall, this week gave us some information to chew on, and polls could be an engagement game changer for pages, depending on how the algorithm weighs those posts. Since engagement keeps just going down, down, down, I’m hoping this will allow a bit of a boost to pages for engagement and subsequently, reach.

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