Social Media News Roundup: Week of October 16, 2017

This week's social media news roundup from R3 Social Media

So I felt like adding a social media news roundup to the blog could be helpful to business owners and digital marketers that aren’t as “in the know” as I may be. Since this is my entire job, I wanted to help narrow down what the real social media news is and what it might mean for business owners, other marketers, and digital agencies, alike.

So without further ado, here’s the first roundup of social media news for you.

#MeToo Hashtag Circulates Around Social Media, Highlighting Sexual Harassment and Abuse

In response to the Harvey Weinstein accusations of sexual assault and even rape, Alyssa Milano started the hashtag trending with her tweet. This has led to millions of people coming forward with their own “me too.” stories across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and probably others). While none of this has made any major changes in policy or law (yet), it does seem more and more people are feeling comfortable enough to tell their stories and add their voice to the massive response (including me).

Facebook Acquires the Teen Social Media App, TBH

Never heard of it? That’s okay, it’s pretty new (like 2 months old, new). It’s also supposed to be just for teenagers. TBH stands for “to be honest”, and it’s sort of like a voting app, anonymously. You are asked a question and shown 4 names. The questions are supposed to be complementary, such as who “Could win an Olympic gold medal for their eyeliner game”? The teen taps a name and that complement is shared with the person they voted for, anonymously. Facebook paid some amount under $100 million to acquire tbh, and currently, the app doesn’t make any money (and we know that’ll probably change, too.) You can read more here.

Concern Over Social Media and How it Affects Our Democracy

Can social media totally screw up our society? Can it totally ruin how we govern ourselves? This report thinks that answer is yes. They believe that as companies are more willing to spend money on social media to target individuals in order to influence their opinions, and that while the social media platforms are willing to allow such targeting to take place, that our Democracy is in danger. It’s an interesting — and scary — thought. When people are easily aggravated on social media through certain topics — Donald Trump or Hilary’s emails, for instance — and then you spend money to “poke the bear”, it’s entirely possible to get the entire nation to fight over whatever you want it to fight about. Especially if you can lie. Which you can. There is no one there to fact check your ads and make sure your data is correct when you spew words directed at one group or the another. On top of all of this, persons that are “in the eye of the people”, and already have large followings can hire or invite influencers to help them skew the public view. Crazy.

Is the UK Spying on Social Media Data?

It’s being reported that spy agencies in the United Kingdom are sharing databases of information about people on the internet. What’s mostly disturbing about this particular report is that they are also finding that “not only are safeguards for sharing our sensitive data non-existent, but the government has databases with our social media information and is potentially sharing access to this information with foreign governments.” Eek. And this isn’t just names and genders, people. Among the data mentioned, beyond political views, medical conditions, and sexual orientation, are ‘commercial and financial activities’, ‘travel data’, and ‘legally privileged communications’.”

Now this could all be on the up and up, specifically data on people that have ties, legitimate ties, to terrorist cells or groups, etc. but if there is no policing going on to prevent misuse of this data, there is no way for us to know one way or the other how the data is being used or why.

So there’s your week in social media news. Stay tuned for future editions for this roundup as I keep you up to date on social media news as it comes out, and make sure you are educated in what it means for you, your clients, or your business!

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