Social Media Marketing Services

Don’t let the heading fool you. We don’t only offer services to businesses in Tulsa, and Roxanne doesn’t mind traveling to see a client, but we are based here.

Our social media marketing services are primarily for small- to mid-sized businesses, whose goal for social media is to earn more of something; followers, attention, influence, money.. etc.

We will conduct a social media audit on your current social media platforms, taking into account what is working or not, plus take into account what your competitors are doing – or not doing – and make recommendations (proposal) based on what we feel is best for your business.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

When you have a goal in mind for marketing your business, it’s very easy to see the benefits of our social media marketing services, especially when you don’t have the time, or would rather someone else handle this important part of your marketing.

  1. You’ll be hands off. We can handle everything from posts, to fan questions and comments, to directing people to the right location to buy your product.
  2. We offer monthly reporting so you don’t have to dig through all of the data. You can watch our progress, and we are more than willing to explain anything that doesn’t quite make sense.
  3. You don’t have to learn everything. We’re experienced in all of the platforms so you don’t have to learn how to use them all. We try to focus on platforms that will earn us the most “engagement” from your customers, but can handle them all, driving success toward our goal, whatever it might be.
  4. We’re experienced. This is not a fly-by-night crew. R3 Social Media has been established since 2011 and has helped businesses nationwide with their social media marketing. Remember, you get what you pay for.
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How It Works

When we sit down for our initial meeting, we’re there to get to know more about you and your goals. Knowing more about what you want to accomplish and who your customers are helps us figure out the best way to meet those goals.

So expect questions like “Who are your customers?” “What kind of goals do you currently have for these platforms?” and/or “Do you have any products or services that you would like to promote above others?” These answers help us decide on our overall strategy for how to meet or exceed your goals for social media.

From here, we get you a proposal based on everything we think you should be doing to reach your goals. We don’t share everything in the proposal, but if you accept, we’ll share our strategy with you and you’ll be to see what will be happening as we go.


What to Expect

In every proposal, we highlight the platforms we think your brand should be using and a plan of what will happen on those platforms.

In a project-based situation, we’ll break down the work by phases so you can be on the same page about what works should be happening when.

A sample social media marketing proposal
A sample cover letter for a social media marketing proposal

A table of contents for a sample social media marketing proposal
The about page for a sample social media marketing proposal
A page for Facebook and Twitter for a sample social media marketing proposal
A page for SnapChat and Instagram, plus monthly strategy adjustments for a sample social media marketing proposal

To see a sample social media marketing proposal from R3 Social Media, click on the images above.

We are social media marketing.

Even More Information



Currently, we offer marketing services for the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

If requested, other platforms, such as Reddit or Vine, for example, may be considered, especially if the business has a large following there or is very active (and/or the target audience is also active and large on that platform).

What our services don’t include:

  • SEO – Although we have some experience in this arena, we don’t offer SEO services, unless it’s in a partnership with a digital marketing agency. We do have a few agencies we can recommend.
  • Black Hat Tactics – I’m not going to be going around posting your business to every group on the Internet looking for fake followers.
What you can expect from our social media marketing services:
  • Transparency – We’ll tell you everything we’ve done and show you the results with our monthly reporting.
  • Results – The data from our results will always tell us something and we can learn from it to move forward.
  • Customer Service – We have a background in customer service, so not only should you be a happy customer, but so should your clients and customers.
  • Honesty – We’re not out to lie to you. You get more flies with honey, right? Treat others as you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule is followed in our company as a standard.
  • White Hat Social Media Tactics – If it’s not actually helping you get engaged, active, REAL people (with REAL money) how is that helping you OR us?

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