Case Studies

R3’s Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Since 2011, I have worked with a variety of clients, in a variety of industries, and I wanted to highlight some of the performances that stood out, especially those with smaller budgets or only using organic social media marketing like the some of the following cases I’ve worked on over the years.

“MS” B2C brand, Online Retailer

Before the campaign, the client had 0 sales coming in from Social Media. They had a total of 1,124 fans on Facebook and an average organic post reach of 14 people (1.25%). The main goal for their accounts was to increase revenue using social media advertising.

The Results
Roxanne started with holiday ads in mid-November 2015, which resulted an increase in Facebook fans, post reach, and sales from Facebook.

How It Happened
By A/B split testing ads for some of the most popular products, according to overall sales at the time, I then chose products I felt would also go over well with the target audience. In the first month, a specific popular product sold well for Men between 25-50, in the southern states. Then we created a persona which helped create a more targeted ad for a similar product. This led to a large jump in conversions for that product and an amazing cost per conversion of just a few dollars and sometimes, even cents, per purchase.

During this campaign, I was able to continue increasing conversions and revenue, while also earning organic reach and engagement on the Facebook page and the ads as people interacted with the ads and this interaction was shown to their “friends” on their feeds.

Total Stats
300% increase in Facebook fans from November 2015 to January 2016
5,533% increase in organic reach
166% increase in conversions/purchases from Facebook

Case Study results for "MS" graph showing the percentage increases