Social Media 101: What Platform is Your Target Audience Using?

Social Media is an ever changing beast. So learning all you can is the absolute best way you can begin to take advantage of all it can help you do. This is why I am writing the Social Media 101 series. This series will take an in depth look at social media, what it is and how to use it effectively for business.

Social Media 101: Your Target Market

One of the best pieces of knowledge you will need for a successful social media campaign is where your target market is “living”. In my previous article in this series, Social Media 101: Goals, I told you to write out a few goals you would like to accomplish for your strategy. In this article, we will be finding out where your target audience “lives” so we can find out where our time is best spent.

But first, let’s take a look at “target market”. Being in business, you probably already know a little bit about who you customers are, what they like, how old they are, etc. This is important to know so you can determine what content and information to share on your social media platforms, to not only attract more people to your accounts, but to keep those that know about you entertained.

If you aren’t sure about your target market, I suggest a basic marketing course, or perhaps take my friend Pam Ann Marketing’s Web Traffic Controller Course. She does a fantastic job about going through everything you need to know about marketing yourself online, including figuring out your target market. You may find more about that course here.

Social Media 101 Goals and Your Audience

So, in my last article we spoke about goals, but those may very well change after you read this article, because we’re about to find out where your audience is, and therefore, where you should be spending the largest portion of time. The following information comes from a research study done by the Pew Research Center. [removed because it was outdated information]

So, by looking at the above information you can see that users on Instagram are mainly african-american people (15% male, 20% female) between the ages of 18-29 with some college education. Users on LinkedIn are mainly non-hispanic men in the ages of 30-64 with a college degree. So, if your target market is an older white male, you would not want to spend much time on Instagram, but if your target market are women between the ages of 18-49, you would want to focus on Pinterest. [Read more from Pew here.]

You can even determine your target market by how much they make, which is helpful to know when you sell a product or service. More importantly, by knowing more about your target audience, you can figure out what kind of content they might want to see. You can also understand why something may not have worked on one social media platform, but might work on another. Perhaps just changing where you are posting certain content can do a lot to help propel you into success.

More about your Target Market

This series is supposed to teach you how to get through the process of figuring out a successful social media strategy for yourself, so one of your goals for this might very well be to learn who buys your product or uses your services. When you know more about your audience, or the people you want to attract, you can begin creating content suited to them. You can do that in many ways; Reading various articles online can help, asking questions of friends and family can also lend to your research. Just find out! Experiment!


Feeling overwhelmed? Social media does indeed take a lot of time and effort. If I can help save you that time, please take a look at my social media services, or contact me today about your needs. I’d be happy to help you!

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