Social Media 101: Goals

An arrow in a bull's eye representing social media goals.

An arrow in a bull's eye representing social media goals.
Social Media is an ever changing beast. So learning all you can is the absolute best way you can begin to take advantage of all it can help you do. This is why I am writing the Social Media 101 series. This series will take an in depth look at social media, what it is and how to use it effectively for business.

Social Media 101: Goals

I’ve talked about having goals on social media before but it really is social media 101. The very first thing you need before you even have an account is a goal.

Think: What do you want to accomplish?

There are different goals for everyone and no goal is right or wrong. You want 50 more Twitter followers? Make it a goal. Do you want to drive 100 more views per month to your website? Make it a goal. Your first lesson on Social Media 101 is to go write down some goals! Did I mention there might be homework?

“What happens if I don’t?” You might ask. Well, nothing. No. Really. Nothing. You don’t go anywhere. You don’t get anything out of social media and if you really don’t want to start here, stop social media 101 right now. If you can’t see why having a destination in mind is important, than social media 101 isn’t for you, and neither is social media. Because that’s what a goal is. A destination. It’s where you want to be in a month from now. In two weeks from now. In a year from now. Social Media 101 will help you learn how to get there, but first you have to know where “there” is!

Social Media 101 Step One: Write Down Three Goals.

Examples might be like those I used at the beginning of this article, but others could be things like “sell 50 copies of my new book” or “get 120 people to sign up for my newsletter”. You don’t have to be fancy. This is social media 101 after all. We all have to start at the beginning.

Social Media 101: The Science of Goals

Science says that by creating goals we have a much greater chance of success than when we never think about what we want to do (IE a goal). It also has been proven that we can do better if we follow these three tips (from Forbes):


  1. Be specific. The more specific you are about your goals (“sell 50 copies” versus “sell my book”), the better you will be at reaching them.
  2. Make it harder. The easier the task, the less joy there is in the accomplishment and thus, the less we’ll really try to succeed. Make the goal a little more difficult than “upload my avatar”. Try “update my avatar on all of my social media platforms and make them correct in Dimension for each within two days”.
  3. When you’re able, make it about a group goal. If you’re on a team, focus on the team’s goals. How can you use social media to accomplish that? We are much more likely to succeed when we are striving for team success than for our own.

So, go ahead and write down something you want to accomplish using social media. I’ll wait. (Jeopardy theme song plays). You got it? Okay. So now we have a destination, but we still need the map. The map is your social media strategy and we talk about that in a later article, but you can read How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Goals and Strategies to get an idea of what’s coming.

You can even start here: What are your social media 101 goals? What do you hope to accomplish by reading my series? I hope it will help you gain a thorough understanding of using social media as a process rather than as a toy. Real things happen with social media, and if you’re intentional, focused, & willing to change along the way, you can see those hours of work really pay off.

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