Social Abbreviations: 17 Abbreviations You Should Know

Do you know your social abbreviations?

OH, RT, LOL.. Do you know your social abbreviations?

Okay, so you tweet, you use Facebook, and you’re using Pinterest. You know what a RT, FF, and Like are.. Or do you? Let’s face it. Just like chat rooms of the day, text messaging and social media have their own sort of language, and not all of it is self-explanatory. I’m big into grammar and “Shirley English”, but sometimes, I can’t even figure out some of the new abbreviations and shortened versions of words. I even try to use my context clues* to find out, but that doesn’t always work.

In a recent tweetup, the other women I was with were using an abbreviation I had never seen, but they were saying it outloud, to make things even more confusing. Everytime something funny would come up, someone would say “O-H!”, as in the letters “O” and “H”. I may be a social media manager, but I had never seen or heard of this before and had to ask; “What in the world is O-H?”. Luckily, I was not the only one that didn’t know! 😉

So, that got me thinking about what other abbreviations there are in the social media-sphere and how I might be able to help newbies with a short list.

FF – I’ve written on FollowFriday before, but that’s what this stands for. Follow Friday. It is a hashtag used on Twitter to tweet about accounts people want their followers to check out.

MT – This apparently stands for “Modified Tweet”, but many people, including myself use it to mean “Mention” on twitter.

RT – ReTweet. When someone recycles your tweets on twitter, or repeats it, it’s called a Retweet.

OH – The infamous abbreviation I just spoke about. This stands for “Overheard”. (haha!)

DM – Direct Message. This can be on Facebook or Twitter, referring to messages that you can send to another person/account that can only be seen by you and the person you are conversing with.

PM – Private Message. This can be on Facebook or Twitter, referring to messages that you can send to another person/account that can only be seen by you and the person you are conversing with.

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.

IMO – In My Opinion (Thanks to @RoshanKumar and @Carol_Stephen!)

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion

TIL – Today I learned (Thanks to @RoshanKumar!)

FTW – For the Win

IDK – I don’t know

And for a few easier ones;

LOL – Laugh Out Loud.

BTW – By The Way.

FYI – For Your Information.

DIY – Do It Yourself.

And for platform specifics;

Like – When you press the “like” button or “thumbs up” icon on Facebook, signaling that you enjoy the post or what was said.

Plus 1 – Similar to a “like”, however this is used on Google+, and it signals that you enjoy the post or what was said or shared.

Pin or Repin – On Pinterest, you “pin” photos that you enjoy and want to share. Repinning signals that you are “repinning” something someone else shared, signaling you enjoyed it.

And that is a good list of abbreviations or words that you may or may not know to help you when you are engaging on social media!

Of course, if you need help with this or any other social media questions, you can tweet to me @R3SocialMedia or Facebook me!


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  1. Roxanne (R3), some of the kids are stringing bunches of letters together. I don’t have any examples because they usually don’t get on FB this later (and neither do I), but I don’t have a clue. Have you seen this and know what I mean or what they mean? Thanks for visiting our BroadVision Marketing FB page. We really appreciate it.

    1. Post

      Oh kids find some crazy ways of stringing things together. And if you are a parent, then here are a few more you might need to know about:
      PAW – Parents are watching
      ASL – Age, Sex, Location
      GNOC – Get Naked On Cam
      MOS – Mom over shoulder

      Those are just a few of the really crazy ones. Please check out for more really important ones that all parents should know!

  2. I didn’t know what O.H. was either. I had to also ask about ICYMI. And #FTW means for the win.

    Good post.

    1. Post
  3. I didn’t know about OH, but I haven’t seen it used before, so thank you for that. I also know of some that involve curse words, hopefully your readers (especially the parents) already know.

    1. Post

      Absolutely! I wrote this one because of a news article I read about parents and teens online. There are so many abbreviations, and always more being made! Thanks Sara!

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