Social Media Marketing Services in Tulsa, Ok

Don’t let the heading fool you. I don’t only offer services to businesses in Tulsa, and I don’t mind traveling to see a client, but I am based here.

My social media marketing services are primarily for small- to mid-sized businesses, whose goal for social media is to earn more of something; followers, attention, influence, money.. etc.

I will conduct a social media audit on your current social media platforms, taking into account what is working or not, plus take into account what your competitors are doing – or not doing – and make recommendations (proposal) based on what I feel is best for your business.

Then come negotiations. 🙂

We can work out a one time social media marketing project for the business, or an ongoing contract for your social media accounts.

If you’re an SEO agency or PR company, we can talk terms for either the company you run or the clients you have, in a more bulk set of Social Media services, or both.

Ready to jump in? Fill out my contact form to start the conversation.

Currently, I offer marketing services for the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat (for events)

If requested, other platforms, such as Reddit or Vine, for example, may be considered, especially if the business has a large following there or is very active (and/or the target audience is also active and large on that platform).

What my services don’t include:

  • SEO – Although I have some experience in this arena, I don’t offer SEO services. I do have an agency I highly recommend.
  • Black Hat Tactics – I’m not going to be going around posting your business to every group on the Internet looking for fake followers.

What you can expect from my social media marketing services:

  • Transparency – I’ll tell you everything I’ve done and show you the results with my monthly reporting.
  • Results – The data from our results will always tell us something and we can learn from it to move forward.
  • Customer Service – I have a background in customer service, so not only should you be a happy customer, but so should your clients and customers.
  • Honesty – I’m not out to lie to you. You get more flies with honey, right? Treat others as you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule is followed in my company as a standard.
  • White Hat Social Media Tactics – If it’s not actually helping you get engaged, active, REAL people (with REAL money) how is that helping you OR me?

Have more questions? Ask me! Or tweet me. Or call me and ask me!