How You Shouldn’t Get Likes On Facebook

If you have your own, personal, Facebook profile, and a business page as well (notice the italics?), here is something you really, really need to know.

Asking for “likes” from your personal profile is annoying. Your friends don’t want you to spam them on their personal profiles with your business. It’s rude to do that to your friends and family. Of course, if you want to make a work announcement, you can (just not everyday or very often), but begging for more likes from your friends like the example below, is simply not cool.

How to Spam Your Friends

Don’t do this!

This is a post I saw, recently, on my own, personal newsfeed. I respect this guy, but, unfortunately, he’s going about this whole thing wrong. He is literally calling out his friends and family because they don’t like his page. Talk about making people uncomfortable.

If you want more likes, you need to make your page engaging and likeable. You need to post great content and interact with people. You could run a contest to earn more likes (follow the link and look at line item E. Promotions), if you want, but don’t beg! Don’t make people uncomfortable! Making people uncomfortable is almost the exact opposite of what you want to do with a Social Media Campaign. Don’t spam your friends!

If you would like some guidance on issues like this and other social media related information, feel free to contact me! I love answering questions and helping people and businesses be the best that they can be on Social Media. 😉

Good luck!

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  1. Man, I hope that wasn’t me! I did that once, but after a tepid response and much haranguing at the next real life family get together it won’t happen again. It’s not that they were correcting my social media faux pas, they’re just mean spirited.

    1. Post

      Oh, No, Kyle! See, I hope that doesn’t happen to this guy. [It wasn’t you! 😉 ] I am definitely trying to prevent things like your experience from happening to others!

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