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Facebook thumbs upIf you pay much attention to your Facebook Page newsfeed stream, than you probably have noticed quite a few “ABC Page has liked a status” or “XYZ Page has liked a photo” or “..commented on a link” or or or.. I’m sure you have.

There have been quite a few times when I have had to hide these types of posts in my newsfeed because they are frankly items I don’t care about. They aren’t interesting to me, which led me to think “If I hate these types of posts, what am I doing to MY fans?”

Why I Won’t “Like” Just Anything

After this thought ran through my head, I immediately began implementing a strategy on my page where I would not “like” items unless they would serve some value to my fans.

For instance, I might normally have “liked” a photo of a silly cat on a Friday and commented on that photo with something like “Happy Friday!” to engage another page, however now, I don’t do that nearly as often now. Here’s why:

When I “Like” that photo and comment on the post, it will come up in my fans newsfeed just like in the image below.

Facebook Liking StrategyIt gives my fans the opportunity to not only “Like” the same photo (or status) but it ALSO shows my fans the Like button for that page. This is where I began really thinking about what I was “liking” as my page, and why you should, too.

Keep it Professional

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you are using your page to “like” pages that reflect your personal views (IE religious, political) you are potentially driving customers AWAY.

Think about it. If your business is just starting, or maybe struggling, and you are using social media as a means to “get out there”, than the last thing you want is to offend those potential customers, right? But if you are “liking” statuses and photos that are (for example) extremely political or religiously motivated, and your business has nothing to do with either, you could be chasing those clients away.


A better way to do it is to simply not “like” those other pages as your page. Go ahead and “like” them, but do it from your personal profile, where it is less likely to reach your customers.

Keep it Interesting

When looking through your Page’s newsfeed for content, try to keep your customers in mind. What would they want to see/learn/find? Try to “like” items based on what your customers need or want or that will provide them with interesting information. Remember; This is just one more way your page is providing them content.

Don’t Go Overboard

So you don’t have a lot of time, and you are scanning your Page’s newsfeed and clicking “like” on all of your favorite updates. Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click. Okay, done.

Do you realize you just posted “ABC Page just liked a Status/Photo”, plus said Status or Photo and a Like Button for those pages, six times, in sequence to all of your fans?

Would you enjoy that from your favorite pages? If you logged into Facebook on your personal profile and looked through your newsfeed, would you enjoy seeing six (or ten, or twenty) updates from “XYZ Page” “liking” various and seemingly random posts? No? Then why do it to your fans?

Below is an example of a page doing just that, and it’s only a small sample of the posts this page machine gunned my newsfeed with. I will be “hiding” these posts! Bad for the page.


Don’t be scared to “like” posts from your favorite places, but perhaps limit it to 2 or 3 at a time.

If you have questions about this or any other type of Social Media Strategy, contact me! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Unless you’re wanting your customers to see a post because you’re intentionally liking a customer’s content, for example.

    1. Post
  2. Everything we all do is an open book. I think people should even take care on their personal profiles.

    I have a connection who continually posts pictures of her out drinking. All i can think when I see them is how I’d never ever hire her in a million years.

    Marketers absolutely have to vet everything they do on pages and their personal profiles. But so do regular people who might some day want to get a job.

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      Absolutely, Mike! I completely agree! I keep my personal profile on Facebook just that; personal. I do it to keep things like you just described from happening! Good points! Thank you for reading and stopping by.

  3. if my company facebook page likes a page which is very exposed eg a multi national company, will i be broadening my exposure or will it only mean my ‘like’ is seen by those who liked my page???

    1. Post

      Hi and thanks for stopping by! When your company’s page likes another company page, you and the people that “like” your page will see it, as well as the person managing the “multi national” company’s page. The people who have liked the “multi national” page will not see your “like” or anything to do with your page unless 1) you engage with that page acting as your own, 2) the “multi national” page “likes” your page 3) the “multi national” page interacts on a public level with yours.

      I hope that helps!

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