Social Media 101: What Platform is Your Target Audience Using?

Social Media is an ever changing beast. So learning all you can is the absolute best way you can begin to take advantage of all it can help you do. This is why I am writing the Social Media 101 series. This series will take an in depth look at social media, what it is and how to use it effectively for business.

Social Media 101: Where is Your Target Market?Social Media 101: Your Target Market

One of the best pieces of knowledge you will need for a successful social media campaign is where your target market is “living”. In my previous article in this series, Social Media 101: Goals, I told you to write out a few goals you would like to accomplish for your strategy. In this article, we will be finding out where your target audience “lives” so we can find out where our time is best spent.

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Social Media Tips on Video: Twitter Tip #2


“Hi, it’s Roxanne from R3 Social Media with another quick Twitter Tip.

Make sure your put your website in your “about” area. Make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to find you, or else they’ll find someone else.”

I want to start sharing these social media tips once a week. You can find them on my YouTube channel and I encourage you to subscribe there for future tips! My goal for my business is to help you save time by teaching you simple and easy social media tips as well as offering social media services, so let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

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Social Media 101: Goals

Social Media 101: Goals
Social Media is an ever changing beast. So learning all you can is the absolute best way you can begin to take advantage of all it can help you do. This is why I am writing the Social Media 101 series. This series will take an in depth look at social media, what it is and how to use it effectively for business.

Social Media 101: Goals

I’ve talked about having goals on social media before but it really is social media 101. The very first thing you need before you even have an account is a goal.

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Social Media Tips on Video: Twitter Tip #1


“Hi, it’s Roxanne with R3 Social Media’s quick Twitter Tip of the day.

Use a Tweet Library; a document full of pre-made and researched tweets you can use throughout the week. Just be sure you swap them out for fresh content ever so often.”

It is my hope to begin sharing these social media tips once a week here and on my YouTube channel for you to enjoy. My goal for this blog and my business is to help you save time by teaching you simple and easy social media tips as well as offering social media services.

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Social Media Tips and Tricks: R3 Social Media’s Top 10 Blog Posts

I share a lot of social media tips and tricks on this blog and as I was looking over my blog stats, I saw that I had certain articles that constantly get traffic. With that in mind, I wanted to share those with you all in one place, in case you’ve never seen them, or might be interested. 😉

1. How to Create a Hashtag

How To Create a Hashtag

In this post, I’m going to explain what “stealing a hashtag” is and why you really should do your homework before using a hashtag for your own purposes. <-Click to Tweet! [Read More]

2. What happens when you “Like” a Facebook Page

What Happens When You "Like" a Facebook Page
I get a lot of questions about social media and sometimes, they’re pretty interesting. Like this one, “If I like a page on Facebook, will they see my posts?” or “Can that page see my newsfeed?” [Read More]

3. How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Social Media Audit Explained

Social Media Audit - image by Al Muya

When you don’t have a solid strategy, it’s nearly impossible to actually gain any traction on any of the social networks, let alone do well on them. So what’s a business owner to do? [Read More]

4. 7 Easy Steps: How to Delete a Scheduled Facebook Post

Delete a Scheduled Post on Facebook

You hit the “schedule” button after typing your post and including the link and proper hashtags, and you see it. Oh, no! You used the wrong link! Or you’ve misspelled the event name (Or the guest’s name, or you’ve missed a comma or a word, etc.)! What can you do? [Read More]

5. Facebook Pages “Liking” Strategy

Facebook Pages Liking Strategy

There have been quite a few times when I have had to hide posts in my newsfeed because they are frankly items I don’t care about. They aren’t interesting to me, which led me to think “If I hate these types of posts, what am I doing to MY fans?” [Read More]

6. Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Sharing Social Media tips and tricks is my main goal for this blog, and so here are 50 tweetable social media tips for you to use and share! Just click the “Click to Tweet” text on the end of the tip you like, and voila! Have fun tweeting! [Read More]

7. 3 Twitter Secrets

3 Twitter Secrets

If you’re still learning Twitter, or even if you’re a seasoned user, these are great tips for anyone! [Read More]

8. Scheduling on Facebook: Changing a Scheduled Post

Scheduling on Facebook: Changing a Scheduled Post

Facebook has given us the ability to schedule posts, which can really help if you need something posted at certain times, and won’t be available. But what if you schedule something and there is a mistake, or the time or date needs to change? [Read More]

9. Using Hashtags on Facebook

using hashtags on facebook

It seems no one likes hashtags on Facebook. I mean no one. And if you’ve read anything recently, than you know recent studies have shown that using hashtags on Facebook may actually prevent your post from getting anywhere. But as with all changes, there are growing pains, and I truly believe that given enough time and enough brands and people embracing hashtags on Facebook, that they could be pretty great. [Read More]

10. Social Media Strategy: 3 Keys to Success

social media strategy: 3 keys to success

Everyone wants to know how to build a social media strategy. I get asked quite often about how to create a strategy and what you need to include in one. The truth of it is this: there is no one set way to do it. Of course, I have my way of doing it for my clients, but the next marketer might use a completely different system. They both might work, but they take different paths to get to similar destinations. [Read More]

Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your BusinessWelcome back to another edition of tweetable social media tips! If you haven’t read it, my first tweetable social media tips article is here: 50 Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business.

Sharing Social Media tips and tricks is my main goal for this blog, and so here are 50 more tweetable social media tips for you to use and share! Just click the “Click to Tweet” text at the end of the tip you like, and ta-da! Have fun tweeting! Oh, and you can find me tweeting these and other social media tips @R3SocialMedia 😉

Social Media Tips for Twitter

1. This first tip originated with my friend @Carol_Stephen: Create a “tweet library”. A document of pre-made and researched tweets. (And keep it up to date) <-Click to tweet this.
2. Look for active accounts to follow. Check out your own followers’ followers for engaging, active users to connect with.<-Click to tweet this.
3. Be sure to create a header image for your profile with the correct dimensions: 1252 x 626px is best. <-Click to tweet this.
4. Be sure to add your website to your twitter profile. Make it as easy as possible for people to find out more about you!<-Click to tweet this.
5. Instead of a logo, use a photo with your logo on it. People like to connect with faces, not logos.<-Click to tweet this.
6. Spend at least 5 minutes each day looking at your stream. Retweet items that are relevant to your audience.<-Click to tweet this.
7. Be sure your audience is on Twitter. In 2013, the fastest growing demographic was 55–64 year age group.<-Click to tweet this.
8. Tweets now are 5X as likely to get engagement when they include an image. [Link]<-Click to tweet this.
9. Make sure you include tweets as pic.twitter uploads, or they won’t show up in previews on the timeline.<-Click to tweet this.
10. Avoid shortening your words. It’s truly off-putting to many followers. Ths dsnt lk gd 2 U, does it?<-Click to tweet this.

Social Media Tips for LinkedIn

11. Update your own status 3 times a day with useful information.<-Click to tweet this.
12. Create an eye-catching title to create more interest and help SEO via @pamannmarketing <-Click to tweet this.
13. Search for and research groups to join. You don’t want to join a bunch of dead or self promotional groups. <-Click to tweet this.
14. Join groups that your target audience will be interested in, not what YOU’RE necessarily interested in. <-Click to tweet this.
15.Join groups and participate. Engage with others’ posts that you find value in. <-Click to tweet this.
16. Ask and answer questions to prove that you are knowledgeable and interacting. <-Click to tweet this.
17. Network in real life, and move those into a LinkedIn connection. <-Click to tweet this.
18. Include a genuine message with your connection requests. Erase the pre made statement. Be authentic. <-Click to tweet this.
19. Login EVERY DAY. <-Click to tweet this.
20. Above ALL else; be professional. Do not have a shirtless picture as an avatar or post about poop. H/T @DIYAdventurer <-Click to tweet this.

Social Media Tips for Pinterest

21. Pin Vine videos of short step by steps and link to your blog post with full instructions.<-Click to tweet this.
22. Create your own place pin map of a tour of your area ending at your place of business.<-Click to tweet this.
23. ALWAYS include a description on your pins.<-Click to tweet this.
24. ALWAYS make sure your pins and repins click through.<-Click to tweet this.
25. When you create a new board, be sure it has at least 5 pins in it so it looks full on your page.<-Click to tweet this.
26. Leave comments on pins that you enjoy or find relevant to your industry.<-Click to tweet this.
27. Verify your website.<-Click to tweet this.
28. Don’t upload a new pin. It can be misleading if you link to a page where that image doesnt exist.<-Click to tweet this.
29. Don’t pin 2,000 times at once. A friend called this “Machine gunning the feed”. People don’t generally like it.<-Click to tweet this.
30. If you can create and pin new content from your blog often, DO IT. Its better than a repin.<-Click to tweet this.

Social Media Tips for Google Plus

31. Search for people to add to your circles based on their interaction. If they don’t talk to anyone, why bother?<-Click to tweet this.
32. Do NOT share posts with your circles, unless you know they appreciate the notification AND email. (Read: they’ve asked to be notified. ) <-Click to tweet this.
33. Create a “blog notification” circle just for people that want the alert of a new post. <-Click to tweet this.
34. Use a strong call to action on your posts to encourage people to click through your links.<-Click to tweet this.
35. Use plus mentions when appropriate and applicable.<-Click to tweet this.
36. Via Wade Harmon, Google plussers love to “pin to read later”. Add a link to your pin!<-Click to tweet this.
37. Also via Wade Harmon, use a 600x900px image for your post!<-Click to tweet this.
38. Don’t be afraid to post whenever you want, just pay attention to when you get the most interaction to save for important posts. <-Click to tweet this.
39. There is lots of data through Google Analytics to view your metrics and measure success. Use it!<-Click to tweet this.
40. Like with all platforms, interact with people responding to you!<-Click to tweet this.

Social Media Tips for Instagram

41. Share “behind the scenes” photos. People love to feel “included”.<-Click to tweet this.
42. Take “silly staff” photos. Have some fun! <-Click to tweet this.
43. Add photos of little-known ways your product can help people.<-Click to tweet this.
44. Show pictures of your company volunteering or being philanthropic/giving or helping people.<-Click to tweet this.
45. Support your city. Take great pictures of the area surrounding you.<-Click to tweet this.
46. Use instagram videos for short how-tos or recipes.<-Click to tweet this.
47. Use videos for quick tips.<-Click to tweet this.
48. Use videos for recruiting.<-Click to tweet this.
49. Use videos for highlighting employees’ accomplishments.<-Click to tweet this.
50. Use videos to show DIY projects featuring your product.<-Click to tweet this.

Pin this image as quick reference!
Social Media Tips: 50 More Tweetable Social Media Tips for You and Your Business

Social Media for Events: Helping Out with #SMTulsa and #CoUFest

Social Media for Events: Helping Out with #SMTulsa and #CoUFest

Downtown Tulsa, all lit up.

I live in a great city. Tulsa is a great place with a small town sort of feel to it. You can go to the grocery store and talk to the person behind you without a second thought. People still hold the door open for you when you leave the bank. Tulsa is also named the most affordable place to live in the USA and the number one best city for young entrepreneurs. We have amazing art deco architecture and a brand new, booming downtown district. So when I joined #SMTulsa, I was pretty excited about the possibilities; of the new people I could meet. When I was invited to be a part of the Center of the Universe Festival (#CoUFest) Social Media Dream Team last year, I was ecstatic to be able to do some social media for events like this one!

It was fun to be able to be a part of that experience and help with the social media. We worked with a team of photographers that provided us with some really great pictures that really captured the event. Our team went around the whole festival taking pictures and asking questions. Some social media for events keep their teams all holed up in a building. We weren’t held aloft in some corporate office. We got to see the bands and talk to the fans. The founder of #SMTulsa and our leader, Cheryl said “We created more content in two days than most people create in the whole year!”

Social media for events is a big job but it can be a LOT of fun, so getting the chance to help out with the Social Media Tulsa Social Business Conference this year made me pretty happy, too. The group of people that I get to work with really know what they’re doing and it’s fun to be immersed in something I have so much fun doing (social media for events 😉 )! And the social media event marketing for the  #SMTulsa Conference has been a challenge, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. In fact, we just gave away free registration yesterday and tomorrow is the conference where we get to giveaway even more awesome stuff! But I digress. I wanted to share some of my tips for social media for events in this post, so let me get to it!

Social Media for Events: 7 Marketing Tips

Social media for events isn’t terribly difficult, as long as you have a plan. So you know you’re going to have a conference next year? Make sure you start planning now! You don’t need to have your whole team ready to go, you don’t really need to meet with anyone yet, but start your outline. These tips for social media for events will help you create an outline and make your social media successful!

  1. Social media for events relies on where you audience is, so be sure you’re paying attention to where your audience “lives”. This may change over time, but be sure you are paying attention to where you get the most interaction with your social media. You’ll focus on these platforms during the event.
  2. Don’t ignore your social media. If you only post and participate during your event, you’ll lose some of your audience. You need to keep them interested all year long. Social media for events isn’t really just a one time thing (see tip 5).
  3. Social media for events can get complicated; remember to KISS (keep it simple, silly!) Social media for events can get complicated, if you let it. Be sure to delegate if you need to, have some ideas, hand it over to someone else so they can run with it.
  4. Make it FUN. Social media was created to create connections. Many people use it just for FUN, so if your posts are boring, you’ll lose your audience. Contests can help with this, but be sure to follow the rules on the platform you use!
  5. Create CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT! You can take advantage of this year’s social media by creating enough content to last you ALL YEAR. This way you can show everyone how fun the event is, and how fun it will be again.
  6. Have a Strategy. Social media for events is just like your regular social media for marketing. You want to have a goal in mind (driving traffic, spreading the word, gaining attendance, etc) and a way you plan to reach that goal.
  7. Don’t be afraid to run with it. Social media for events can have it’s own “life”, especially if your audience “takes it over”. This can be a fantastic experience, so don’t try to stop it. Just try to direct it a little by providing the content you want to share and replying to your audience.
  8. BONUS: ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE! One of the biggest mistakes I see with the  social media for events I’ve attended is no one is interacting with the people attempting to engage with the brand. Don’t just post; converse!

That last tip is pretty important and at #SMTulsa, we will be engaging! Hopefully you consider joining us there and if you do, find me! ..Or there is always next year, too. 😉

Scheduled Facebook Posts: How to Edit a Scheduled Post in 7 Simple Steps

Scheduled Facebook Post: How to Edit a Scheduled Post in 7 Simple StepsSo you know how make scheduled Facebook posts. Maybe you’ve used them before, and you are beginning to use them more often, but you need to change one or two. Facebook recently enabled the option for “editing” a scheduled post, but as far as it goes for me, it didn’t work at first. I noticed they took the option away for a limited period, and when it came back, it did work. (Yay!)

Before we get into how to edit your scheduled Facebook posts, let’s cover why we would use scheduled Facebook posts to begin with. Many people don’t agree with social media automation, so scheduling posts is almost like committing a cardinal sin, and at one point, I might have been one of those people, but as my business has grown, and I have more than one client, I can see the positive side of automation. It enables you to schedule a few posts throughout the day, and check in during time when work isn’t as heavy. This is still genuine interaction, and as long as you are engaging with your audience and their responses, I don’t see any problems with doing this.

I do have a few rules for scheduled Facebook posts and since we’re on the topic, I wanted to share them with you, before we get to how to edit them, after we’ve created them.

My Rules for Scheduled Facebook Posts

  1. I don’t post more than 2-3 times a day on Facebook. I will schedule these once a week if I can. It takes some time, but allows me to focus on the engagement later.
  2. Check in 2-3 times a day on those posts. I will check on my scheduled Facebook posts in the morning, early afternoon and then again at the end of my day to make sure I can respond to any comments and to thank anyone who shared.
  3. Be consistently available. Don’t create scheduled Facebook posts (or any social media posts) if you aren’t going to be around all day or you’ll be going on vacation. If you can’t interact with your audience, and you can’t be social, I don’t recommend posting. Hopefully you can pass that task on to someone you trust, or hire a social media marketer to take care of it for you.

So now that you understand a few simple common sense rules for your scheduled Facebook posts, I encourage you to try it out for your social media or Facebook strategy. And don’t be alarmed. It may or may not work for you. Everyone is different, every page, business, and audience are too. Just don’t be afraid to test a new idea. Now on to the good stuff! 😉

If you’ve read my post 7 Easy Steps: How to Delete a Scheduled Post on Facebook, than you already know how to view your scheduled Facebook posts and you’re set. But for posterity’s sake, I’ll cover it again here.

How to Edit Scheduled Facebook Posts

  1. When logged in, Click the gear next to your name.
  2. Choose the page you need.
  3. From the Admin Panel, you can do either 1) Click “Posts” on the left-hand side of the panel, then click on “Activity Log” or 2) Click on the “Edit Page” button, and click “Use Activity Log”.Scheduled Facebook Post: How to Edit a Scheduled Post in 7 Simple Steps
  4. Once you are in the activity log, you’ll be able to scroll through the currently scheduled Facebook posts for that page.
  5. Find the post you wish to change.
  6. Hover close to the top right hand corner of this post and click the arrow that shows up and click “Edit”.Scheduled Facebook Posts: How to Edit a Scheduled Post in 7 Simple Steps
  7. Now Facebook gives you an open box to edit the text for your post!

Now, there is only one real problem when you are attempting to edit images that you have saved as scheduled Facebook posts; you can’t edit the image at all. You cannot change the image to another one. This is unfortunate.

For scheduled Facebook posts where you have an image as a part of your content, you will simply need to continue to do what we did before and delete the post and recreate it. (Sigh.) Maybe they’ll change this soon and I’ll be posting about “how to edit your scheduled Facebook posts with images!”

So, there you have it. Now you know the secret! 😉 Do you have any social media questions? Reach out to me on Twitter @R3SocialMedia!

Twitter Tips and Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

Twitter Tips and TricksOkay. I admit it. I’m guilty. I’ve posted and shared a Twitter tip that doesn’t actually work anymore, and I’ll remove it from my repertoire. In fact, finding out that this Twitter tip doesn’t work is what lead me to create this post. I wanted to know what other Twitter tips and tricks I had been telling you about, if any, that weren’t actually true anymore.

In many of my tweets, I like to share some really helpful or not-so-well-known social media tips, and I even created a blog post sharing 50 Tweetable Tips for You and Your Business with many of them listed, including the offending tip I mentioned above. So when I find out my tips are no longer useful, I would like to help set the record straight, so you don’t attempt to use the Twitter tips and tricks, find out that they don’t work, and get discouraged!

So, what is this tip that doesn’t work? Which twitter trick should you stop wasting your time on? Well before I get to that, let me share some Twitter tips and tricks that DO work! It wouldn’t be much of a blog post if all I told you was what isn’t working anymore. I’m much nicer than that! 😉

Twitter Tips and Tricks That DO Work

  1. One of the best Twitter tips and tricks:TwitterTip: Make your tweets only 100-120 characters long to make retweets much easier. This is still a very valid tip. If you create a shorter tweet, your followers have room to add a comment or “RT @YourAccount” to the tweet without changing the message too much, if at all.
  2. TwitterTip: Tweets with images get 2 times as much engagement as those tweet without images. This is still true. You’ve heard it, visual, visual, visual! People are visual and social media is definitely following that trend, so if you have a particular tweet you want more engagement, than try to make a visually pleasing image to attach to it.
  3. TwitterTrick: Check out your followers’ followers. When someone new follows you, check out their followers to find some accounts that could lead to some great engagement for your own Twitter account.
  4. TwitterTrick: When someone new follows you, retweet one of their messages to begin a relationship and engage the account. If they respond, and hopefully they do, if you’re looking at engaging accounts, you can begin conversations.

So, now that I’ve given you some pretty good Twitter Tips and Tricks that DO work, how about those Twitter Tips and Tricks that DON’T work? Okay, you’ve twisted my arm. 😉

Twitter Tips and Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

  1. I give you the most famous of all Twitter tips and tricks: Add a period or really anything before someone’s Twitter handle so the tweet is public. If you don’t, the only people that can see it will be you and the person you are talking to, plus both your followers. However, this is no longer true and admittedly, I can’t tell you when it stopped being that way. UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention I was misunderstanding this tip the ENTIRE time I’ve heard it! Ha! It still works the same as always and I’ll break it down for everyone so we’re all clear!
    1. If you simply begin a tweet with @ThisAccount, the tweet will ONLY be seen by your followers and their followers in the Twitter feed. If you add the “.” or other symbol before the Twitter handle such as “.@ThisAccount”, than the tweet will be seen regardless of who follows you both. For example, I check a Twitter list with friends talking to other accounts, but if I also follow all of those accounts, I will see the tweets. But if they are talking to accounts I do not also follow, I will NOT see those tweets in my feed. Unless they add the “.” in front of the tweet, I will not see those tweets because I do not follow the other account. (Thanks David Duffy for explaining this in such a polite and clear way!)
  2. Here’s an interesting one to add to the Twitter Tips and Tricks that don’t work: If you want to hide your tweets from your followers, because, perhaps, you are participating in a Twitter chat, or are live tweeting, just begin your tweet with @HideTweet. I have NO idea where I first saw this, but it is definitely not true. I’m not even sure this ever worked, but supposedly, the account for @HideTweet was specifically made for this purpose. In fact, if you did use this advice, your tweets would look rather unattractive to retweet. No good.
  3. Use ClickToTweet in order to create a link with a custom tweet to embed in a blog post for free. Unfortunately, this was one of my favorite Twitter tips and tricks, but ClickToTweet is no longer a free service and you can only create five of these such links before you are required to pay a monthly fee to continue. UGH!

So maybe you learned something new here, and you enjoyed the Twitter tips and tricks that DO work, or maybe you’re like me and surprised by the Twitter tips and tricks that don’t work anymore. If you couldn’t tell, I was really surprised by that first one! Everything I have ever known about Twitter, this was definitely one of the most trustworthy Twitter tips I knew of! The third sort of sucked, but there are always workarounds, right? I hope you enjoyed learning about the Twitter tips and tricks that do still work, since those are always helpful to know. Do you know any Twitter tips and tricks that don’t work anymore? What are your favorite Twitter tips and tricks?