Roxanne R. Roark, Social Media Marketing Speaker

Roxanne R. Roark, Social Media Marketing Speaker

Roxanne R. Roark has been a social media marketer and speaker for many years, traveling around the united states to speak about how to utilize her topics for business.

She founded her successful social media marketing company, R3 Social Media, in 2011 and has been a leader in the social media Tulsa community since 2014, becoming a leading part of the teams for many large events — such as Center of the Universe Festival and the Social Media Tulsa Business Conference — in the city since that time.

Roxanne is available for local speaker opportunities in and around Tulsa, as well as national events.

Topics include:

Roxanne has spoken around the country about how to use social media marketing for businesses since 2015.
Roxanne is a veteran social media marketer, having been in the space since 2011, and knows all about the tools used in her industry for scheduling, analytics, reporting, and more.
While most social media marketers only have an idea of how SEO and social media work together, Roxanne keeps up to date with both, giving her a special skill set and ability to speak on the topic.