What is Social Media Marketing?

The Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is using the various social media sites, such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, Pinterest.com, among many others and those that continually pop up, for marketing services and products that businesses offer.

Wikipedia defines it this way: “Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”

Social media marketing not only gets “the word” about your business, services, or products “out there”, on the internet, but it also provides links and other valuable and important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) flags for the search engines. People also search on social media sites to find social media content to share.

By using Social Media Marketing, your company can show that you are savvy, smart, and “with the times”, as well as showing your potential customers that you are friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, and willing to meet them on their level. By using social media, you build your authority in your industry, thus, build trust.

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B2B Social Media Marketing

Even if you are a business that offers services or products to other businesses, social media marketing can help you! Just as with “regular” social media marketing, concentrating on B2B efforts can introduce you to companies and businesses that you may not have had any contact with.

B2B Social Media Marketing can show your content, and therefore your knowledge, products, and/or services to those that might be able to use it. Since a lot of businesses are understanding that social media marketing can work for their customers, they are paying more attention to it, and that means to you, too!

At R3 Social Media, we make sure that you are active, timely, and supportive on the major social media sites; earning you the trust and authority that you need to make those important online connections with your potential customer base and target markets.

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