9 Time-Saving Social Media Tips and Tricks for Busy Digital Marketers

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You’re busy. Probably too busy to be reading this article right now. But you’ve put an emphasis on learning and figuring out how to be more effective, and I’ve written a catchy title. Let’s stop wasting your time on an introduction; let’s talk about those social media tips and tricks you wanted. (P.S. you’re welcome for the most blunt article I’ve ever written)

And to make this even easier, here’s the TL;DR version:

  1. Hire someone. A good social media marketing professional will save you a ton of time and money, in the long run.
  2. Find someone you don’t have to manage. This is key in hiring anyone, ever.
  3. Trust them. Don’t micromanage. Another key in business. If you feel you have to watch them with an eagle eye, you hired the wrong person (or you need to let go.)
  4. Fire them. Give them a predetermined amount of time to work with you and for you to decide whether this relationship will be beneficial or not. Then fire them if needed.
  5. Create an operating procedure to get and give social media accesses/logins.
  6. Be sure there is a channel for clear communication. For regular purposes, but also just in case there is an urgent matter. It’s best to allow the social media professional to have direct access to the client.
  7. Be clear about goals and KPIs. Have them written and shared in a place for your team to see, so no one wastes effort or time doing things that won’t help you in the end.
  8. If you’re going to do reporting yourself, be sure you know what your KPIs are and where those data points can be found inside of each platform’s analytics. If you have help from your social media marketer/coordinator, let them write the report!
  9. Let the social media coordinator write the social media portion of your proposal.

9 Time-Saving Social Media Tips and Tricks

Get a Social Media Professional

First, social media is its own beast. You know and I know it. It’s taken me years to educate myself on how to use it and how to be
successful in my campaigns. This is my job. You are good at other marketing aspects, probably SEO, link building, or creating websites. But this is another animal that you have yet to master because you run a business and you’re already doing most of the work. So my first tip is this; Hire someone else.

In the long run, this is going to save you time AND money. You don’t have time to read every article and test every theory. You’re running a business, building campaigns, and herding cats. Work with a few freelancers or social media marketers until you find the right one for your company and utilize them for what they are worth.

Make Sure They Are Self Disciplined

Now second, find someone you don’t have to manage. You do enough directing of interns and other employees on your staff, just trying to get the work done. You need to be able to trust the work will not only get done without you, but that it will also bring results. AND don’t waste more time (and money) trying to train someone. If your social media manager/coordinator doesn’t know how to be a social media manager or coordinator, they shouldn’t be working for you in that capacity.

Let Go

Looking over the shoulder of your social media coordinator is a waste of your time. This person is spying through a hole in the wall.

Trust them. Don’t micromanage. This is true of any position, but micromanaging a seasoned social media marketer will waste a ton of your time, too. The point in hiring someone to do the work is to free you up as well as bring in another steady revenue stream. That can’t happen if you’re always going to be looking over their shoulder or worrying about how they are handling things. If you can’t trust them, why did you hire them?

Get Rid of Bad Hires

Fire them. Yes. Don’t be afraid to do it. They aren’t bringing results or maybe they don’t fitsocial media marketer upset about losing their job. into your culture, whatever it is, fire them now, and move on. The sooner you can get someone that can deliver results, the less time you spend on trying to deliver those results yourself, in a rushed and disappointing, half-assed sort of way. (We all know you’ve done it before, and we all know how much it sucked when the client was less than pleased with your results.)

Standard Operating Procedures FTW

Don’t waste 2 weeks trying to get your team member the accesses they need in order to do the work. This is something they should be able to get without too much trouble, but if they aren’t asking for accesses to begin with, you may have a problem. So my tip is this: Create an operating procedure in order to get and give social media accesses/logins when needed, so it can all get done in one day.

Define KPIs

A goal on a field, representing social media goals and KPIsThis might be pretty obvious but, be clear about goals and KPIs. If your team doesn’t know what they are supposed to be working for, no one is going to be happy at the end of the month/project; especially the client.

Clear Access and Communication

This is another obvious one, but another one that I can’t stress enough. Be sure there is a channel for clear communication. Your new social media marketer/coordinator should be able to get a hold of you or the client in case of an unusual or problematic circumstance. I always prefer to have direct access to the client so I can simply get or give information in a timely manner and get a problem solved before it turns into something crazier, later.

Reporting, Reporting, Social Media Reporting

I’ve talked a lot about hiring a social media marketer/coordinator and how to arm them anA computer showing a screen with analytics for social media reportingd
yourself or your team with information so everything should go smoothly. But if you’re determined on doing the work yourself, there are two tips here about reporting.

First, if you’re going to do this yourself, be sure you know what your KPIs are and where those data points can be found inside of each platform’s analytics. If you have help from your social media marketer/coordinator, let them write the report! Save yourself hours of work by letting them write up the results and then just copy/paste as necessary or share a google doc and let them put it right in.


And our last time saving social media tip is …Let them write the social media portion of your proposal. Again, this can save countless hours for you, because they already know what work will need to get done and how it will get done. You can always go back and enter the pricing, but proofreading someone else’s proposal is going to be a lot less time than trying to write it yourself, go back and ask your social media person questions, then go back and write it in, etc., etc., etc.

So that’s it! If you need to save time AND money, while also making more money for your business, having a social media professional on your team is definitely one way to get it done. And if you’d rather partner up with a professional social media marketer so you don’t have to worry about any of the above, let’s meet for a coffee or have a chat!

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