50 Tweetable Tips for Social Media Marketers + HootSuite Template

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Social Media Tips for Twitter

    1. Create a Twitter Library. A document of pre-made, pre-typed tweets. (And keep it up to date) Click To Tweet
    2. Users engaging with industry hashtags are good active users to connect with. Click To Tweet
    3. Use automation + live engagement! Twitter is not a Crockpot; you can't set it and forget it! Click To Tweet
    4. Connect with people you have networked with elsewhere and keep up with them. Click To Tweet
    5. Find any reason you can to reach out to someone; thank followers for following, engagers for comments. Click To Tweet
    6. Always be sure to share other people's content. People like getting shared, and don't like constant self-promoters. Click To Tweet
    7. Is your audience even on Twitter? 2016 research says 36% of the audience is 18-29. Click To Tweet
    8. Photos give verified users a 35% bump in retweets, compared to what they would get anyway. Click To Tweet
    9. Want your pics to show up in the Twitter feed? Upload via twitter.com. Click To Tweet
    10. There is no need to 'old school' RT. Branding is safe, comments can still be added in a thread. Click To Tweet

Social Media Tips for LinkedIn

    1. Develop a strategy to educate your customers on LinkedIn to earn trust. Click To Tweet
    2. Publish your own articles to become a knowledgeable resource to your followers. Click To Tweet
    3. Go through your 'Groups' often to be sure they are still active and worth your time. Click To Tweet
    4. Only join 'Groups' where you can see others asking and answering questions, providing comments on items shared. Click To Tweet
    5. Do not treat LinkedIn like other platforms. The audience is different! Click To Tweet
    6. Go through your connections and reconnect! Ask to meetup for a cup of coffee and catch up. Click To Tweet
    7. Ask questions targeted at potential customers. Click To Tweet
    8. Look for connections you've made that you may be able to create partnerships with, and reach out! Click To Tweet
    9. After you get a business card, go onto LinkedIn, search for them, and connect. Click To Tweet
    10. If you see a need you can fill for someone, fill it, even if it doesn't directly help you. You may be surprised at how it can help your business. Click To Tweet

Social Media Tips for Pinterest

    1. Pin videos of short step by steps and link to your blog post with full instructions. Click To Tweet
    2. Create a board that focuses on your neighborhood or city, to help with SEO-type efforts for your locale. Click To Tweet
    3. Rewrite every description for every repin. Click To Tweet
    4. ALWAYS make sure your pins and repins click through. Click To Tweet
    5. Be strategic about the boards you create. Keep your goals in mind and stick to it. Click To Tweet
    6. Comment on other pins to develop community and active followers. Click To Tweet
    7. Have a complete profile; verified website, updated avatar, and keyword rich bio. Click To Tweet
    8. Uploaded pins are death. Simply pin direct from your site. This way you can also test to be sure its working. Click To Tweet
    9. Pin, comment, and follow at various times during the day until you find the best time/day combo for you. Click To Tweet
    10. The life of a pin is 1 week compared to 24 MINUTES on Twitter and 90 MINUTES on Facebook. Click To Tweet

Social Media Tips for Instagram

    1. Develop a strategy to stand out; either with focal points or colors. Click To Tweet
    2. Create stories that showcase the good your brand/company does in the world. Click To Tweet
    3. Create boomerangs. These gif-like images can showcase products or services. Click To Tweet
    4. Use high quality photos. Even if it means taking a true DSLR camera for shots. Click To Tweet
    5. Always be researching hashtags. New ones are created all of the time. Don't fall behind. Click To Tweet
    6. Follow your competitors. What works for them that you might be able to improve? Click To Tweet
    7. Engage with your feed. Commenting on other posts will help earn you active followers, too. Click To Tweet
    8. Use monthly themes for your work, to keep ideas fresh. Click To Tweet
    9. Upload multiple photos at once. Test it, see how your audience responds. Click To Tweet
    10. Don't be afraid to use emojis. If there ever was a platform to do it, this is it. Click To Tweet

Social Media Tips for SnapChat

  1. Reveal secrets. Use the platform to reveal upcoming news and make your followers the first to know. Click To Tweet
  2. Respond to your audience when they snap you. Don't be afraid. Just do it. Click To Tweet
  3. Consider this platform like a party and everyone is invited. Don't be afraid to be a little silly or wild (if your brand is). Click To Tweet
  4. Use stories for events, so followers can see what they missed. Click To Tweet
  5. It's easy to create lots of small videos. Use them to make a story using your products/services. Click To Tweet
  6. Use the platform to touch people's hearts. How has your company helped someone with a need? Click To Tweet
  7. Surprise your SnapChat followers with inside tid bits or offers you offer to no one else. Click To Tweet
  8. Encourage your audience to create their own stories about your products/services. Click To Tweet
  9. Throw secret parties/events and invite your followers. Create stories from it. Click To Tweet
  10. Host SnapChat takeovers with major brand ambassadors. Click To Tweet

HootSuite Template Download

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